Thursday, November 13, 2008

More sickness, more pictures

The happy stuff is first. Madeline's Halloween party at school was great. The moms doing this party really went the extra mile. Madeline looked like a true princess. Jackson came and she was very proud of "her baby". She is still telling me that certain kids really liked her baby. Jackson was a zebra for Halloween and he actually did not mind being in the costume. He just goes with the flow. For some reason, I cannot find the zebra pics but I will put them up when I do. If anyone can tell me how to fix my pics so that they are not all over the place, please let me know.
Now for the not so happy stuff. Madeline has an ear infection again (may be the same one and the medicine did not take care of it), and I was awakened at 3:00Am to a child with a 104.8 fever and a headache. I was so scared. The headache thing really scared me. The scariest thing was that she was incoherent. She was delirious and talking about really strange things. Anyways, they gave her a shot and some more antibiotics at the ER and she missed 3 days of school and gymnastics. Thank God that it was only an ear infection. I was nearly in tears when I was holding her while we were getting ready to go to the ER. Trust me, we have been through many fevers, weird things (BHS, crazy bug bites) and illnesses but something about her this time was so frightening. She is better today, and her last fever was last night. Poor kid seems to pick up everything. We have all been cooped up and are ready to party this weekend with Daddy, lol.

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