Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Sweet girl.

There are times that I look at my little girl and marvel at how brilliant and sweet she is and other times I look at her and marvel at how well she can push my buttons. This can change in a matter of seconds. Here is a cute moment from a couple of months ago. When I took the picure, I remember looking at it and thinking that I always wanted to remember her looking just like the picture. There are so many looks and quirky moments that happen everyday that I know one day I will miss.


Everywhere I go with my niece and my daughter a lot of people ask me "Are they twins?"Look at these two and the only similarity they have is red hair and it is a very different color of red hair. They are ten months apart but close to the same size. Ella is adorable but I just don't see it. Does anyone else see it?

Ok- now that I look at this pic I think I understand it more.

On a similar note, I have had people ask me where my children get their red hair. No joke.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Just Curious....

Is anyone else tired of hearing certain candidates for president talk about the government taking care of everyones' problems- unless you are one of those mean rich people that went to school to become a doctor or lawyer or whatnot. I am not in this high-income category but I don't think it takes a genuis to see that the current tax system is incredibly beneficial to low-income people and almost encourages people to have more kids and stay low-income. That is my rant for the day.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Don't everyone call the baby magazines at once!

Like most mothers, I believe that my kids are uniquely cute and worthy of the cover of magazines. I would say that I am slightly over-confident of my children's cuteness and I do not know where they got it from. All I can say is the look like their daddy except for the hair! I cannot claim my beautiful stepdaughter Brianna- but once again- one-half of my hubby- the hunk. Her mother is very beautiful as well. Of course, I am bias on all of this but I am going to post pics so that when I refer to them you can picture who I am talking about.

The first post.

Well, I am finally joining the blogging world! We will see how long this lasts. I am a wife to Stephen (a blonde hunk- seriously) that I don't know how I managed to snatch. My daughter Madeline is 3 1/2 and my son Jackson is almost 6 months. They are both redheaded like me so my hubby is outnumbered. I have a feeling that any blog that I write that is remotely entertaining will involve my daughter. She is the princess of the house and I have a feeling that she will convince Jackson of that as well. I stay at home with my children and would not change it for anything. I was raised in the church of Christ but since my son has been born, I have not been very much and my heart is feeling the loss. I know I should be there and I have actually packed my kids up on 2 or 3 separate occasions (by myself) only to turn around and come back because we were stopped by a train or something and were not going to make it even close to on time. No excuses though- I know my kids should be there and my daughter throughly enjoys Bible class. I hope to connect with other Christians through this blog because I am encouraged daily by some of the blogs I read by Christians. So I guess my first post is about my guilty conscience! I seems like the longer I stay away, the easier it is, but of course the harder my heart becomes. My dream is for my son and daughter to one day become Christians, and for their children to do the same, and so on and so on. If my grandmother had not taken me to church, I would have never gone and I am very grateful to her. Enough rambling, it is time get myself straight.............