Sunday, November 16, 2008

Arghhhh! Rant!

What is up with cars that have extra parts specifically put on them to make them louder? Actually, I am just curious as to what provokes someone to spend money to make a vehicle be heard throughout a neighborhood everytime it started and stopped. I know this is like something a lot of people like to do, and I really would like to say- More power to you- But we have about 4 cars in my near vicinity. A couple start right next to my son's window and it is so loud that even the sound machine on the highest volume does not come close to drowning it out and wakes him up almost every time. Sometimes, the people with the cool cars start them and rev them over and over and over. These cars are obnoxiously loud. I thought it was a good thing for the engine to "purr". Sometimes, when one of the 4 cars starts, I will get all fired up and start to go outside just to stare them down (oooohhh, I know) or ask them why?, or just beg for mercy but then I remember my squeaky dog so I go back inside. Any ideas on drowning out the really low but loud rumble? My baby needs to sleep and I think I need to as well.

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Tasha Morris said...

I am in the same boat as you are! There is this truck down the street that seems to floor it when he gets to our house and it shakes the entire house and wakes Alyssa all the time. I hae also started out the door and down the street to confront them but I remember that I do not want to make enemies and I would confront them in anger and it would not be pretty. No advice here, I am sorry.