Thursday, November 13, 2008

Back to my family.......

I am taking a politics break because I am getting too frustrated. I do not take the time to link to statistics or news articles written to back up my thoughts. Personal experiences with health insurance and owning a small business has really shaped my views so I have a tendency to get on a rant. If I ever get organized enough or a lot of uninterrupted time(haha), I would love to intelligently put into words why I believe the way I do about abortion, govt. healthcare, the concept of "fairness", and many other things. I used to be the biggest whiner, pity partier, you name it. I have been on the side where I felt entitled to things and that things were always "unfair". I was pretty spoiled because I think that my family wanted to make up for certain events in my life. I do have compassion for people who did not have the security that I had growing up, and I hope that those that become parents can realize that as a parent, you have to do what you can to move on from the past so that it is not repeated or so that you do not inflict stress and a bad attitude on your kids. OK- this post just went in a totally new direction which is why I should stick to pics and short captions.

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