Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Random pics, random thoughts!

Jackson is a Zebra.
This cuddling happens all the time. I love it!
This rain-puddle jumping was all Stephen.
Painting Madeline's room.

Nothing much new to post. Madeline says the cutest things all the time. Yesterday, I told her that something I said was meant to be funny and she said "No, mommy, you were being "catty". Whaaa? She now calls Jackson Mr. Smarty Pants. She and her cousin Ella came up with this and they think it is the funniest thing in the world. She also has been telling me a lot of "jokes". They do not really make sense but I laugh like a good momma. An example is " Why is the marshmallow in the cocoa? Because he wants to be eaten-" followed by hysterical laughing. So cute. I get a lot of unsolicited "I love yous" but not as many as her hero, daddy.

Jackson has been sick (strep)and not his normal cheerful, spunky self. Luckily we are not all sick at the same time. Stephen had it and I am now feeling very icky. His new thing is doing the choo choo motion when he sees a train. He also says "Mmmmmm" and points when he wants juice. I tell him, "Juice" and he just does a louder "Mmmmmm". He gives kisses all the time.

I am ready for this election to be over. We put our sign in the yard and it has not been vandalized or stolen yet, yeah!
My posts will probably be random like this a lot, and anyone that knows me knows that I talk just like my blog reads. I really should try to organize these thoughts better!

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Anonymous said...

Yes, your blog sounds just like you talk. Always interesting. Nice pictures. Did you notice that in the last one of Mad and St they have identical smiles?